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Markets in Ayutthaya พระนครศรีอยุธยา:
Shoppers and eaters paradise

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Ayutthaya Floating Market: Don't expect a traditional floating market, this is a new one. Shops and food stalls along walkways built around a large pond - mainly for the pleasure of Thai people flocking here. Read more on Time Travel Turtle. Nearby you find Ayothaya Elephant Village.

Chao Phrom Market ตลาดเจ้าพรหม: This day and night market never closes. You get everything - from fresh and dried foods (fruits and vegetables, meat, fish) to clothes, household items, electronics and amulets. More shops are open during the day. Entering from Naresuan road you will discover stalls with tasty food. Read more about this market.

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Gong Khong Market in Bang Pa-in: Bangplap Rd., Ban Phlap. You can find fruits and vegetables grown organically, baskets, clay figurines, pots, lamps and all kind of food and desserts. Open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Picture plynoi

Picture plynoi
Mangosteen at Gong Khong Market

Hua Ro Market ตลาดหัารอ: 164 Moo 9, Tambon Hua Ro.
You enter from U-Thong road or by a pedestrian bridge across Klong Ku Muang. The yellow market building hosts mainly non-food shops: clothing and household items (open from 4am to 17pm). The other building on the western side and next to the channel and bridge hosts food stalls of all kinds. On the back side there is a small San Jao (Chinese-style temple). Red more about this market.

Khlong Sa Bua Floating Market ตลาดน้ำ อยุธยา คลองสระบัว: 44 Moo 5 Tambol Klong Sabua. Located north of Wat Na Phra Men. The market is set around a lotus pond, so it's not really a floating market. The boats of the marketwomen float around the lake. See picture by SuthinSoonthorn. There are water dancing performances, see video by earthmagictours. Open every weekend and holiday from 10am to 17pm.

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Lat Chado Weekend Market ตลาดลาดชะโด: A century-old canal-side market in Phak Hai district with well preserved wooden shophouses on both sides of a U-shaped walking line. Most vendors are elderly residents with talent for cooking and creating handmade products, so you discover handmade pillows and cotton bags as well as Thai desserts and traditional dishes such as thong yod, foi thong, tod man, hor mok and mee krob. A shophouse has been turned into a cinema hall. Old Thai movies that were filmed in Lat Chado are shown. A museum documents the history of the community and shows tools of farmers or species of fish found in the canal such as chado, which belongs to the same family as the snakehead fish. Karnjana Karnjanatawe tells the story of this market in Bangkok Post and also in this article by Patsinee Kranlert. The market was rated among the best preserved wooden buildings by the Association of Siamese Architects. Nearby Wat Dusit Ratchamatcha, also called Wat Lat Chado, with the Buddha image of Luang Phor Toh dates back over 200 years.

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Picture OnlyPop

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Na Wangchankasem Night Market ตลาดหน้าวังจันทรเกษม: It's located in a square between U-Thong Road and the Pasak river, about 300 meters away from Hua Ro market. There are tables along the riverside. From here you can also get boats for a river cruise or for crossing over to Wat Monthop. Stalls open around 17pm. Read more about this market.

Wat Tha Ka Rong Floating Market ตลาดน้ำ วัดท่าการ้อง: See picture by SuthinSoonthorn

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