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Mouthwatering food in Ayutthaya พระนครศรีอยุธยา
Restaurants and reviews

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Delicious eggs at the nightmarket

Ayatthuya has many options for dining. Of course you find a lot of opportunities along Naresuan Road, the backpacker road. "While the food is tasty, all offer similar menus of toned down, priced-up Thai food, as well as western standards of burgers, steak, chips, pizzas and breakfasts etc.", notes But Ayatthuya offers a lot more:

29 Steak: Pamaphrao road.

Ban Khun Pra บ้านคุณพระ ห้องอาหาร: 8 Moo 3, U-Thong Road. In a small colonial-style residence. Read review by Bangkok Post.

Ban Mai Rim Nam บ้านไม้ริมน้ำ: 33 U-Thong Road. At double the price it's the most expensive of three restaurants along the river, "but in terms of quality food, extensive fish menu and split level open-air terrace, it certainly outshines its neighbours", comments

Ban Suan Rim Nam: 54 Moo 7, Bang Krasun. Restaurant at Ayutthaya Garden River Home Resort. Dishes are prepared "with home-grown chemical-free vegetables and fruits", notes Bangkok Post.

Ban U-Thong บ้านอู่ทอง: 39 Moo 1 U-Thong Road. Smaller river terrace.

Ban Watcharachai บ้านวัชราชัย: 9 Moo 7, Ban Pom, off Road No.3413, enter through Wat Kasattrathirat. With splendid views of Chao Phraya River. Old-fashioned, royal-style Thai cuisine. Read review by Bangkok Post. See picture by Wakuwaku500

Baan Mai Chay Nam ร้านอาหารบ้านไม้-ริมน้ำ: 36/2 U Thong Road. Terrace on the river. Mixed reviews on

Chao Phraya Hut: Also: Chow Praya Hut. 45/1 Moo 8 Baanmai. "The food at this outdoor restaurant (and hotel) is authentic Thai, not the tourist version that is found at the guesthouses in town and comes highly recommended", says

Coffee Old City: Chikun Road. View of Wat Mahathat. Guests love the yoghurt smoothies, as you can read on

Hua Raw Night Market: Thanon U Thong. Located along the river. Also some stalls with clothes and beauty products. Most of the boat trips on the Pa Sak river are ending here. Mixed reviews on

Isaan Restaurants on Patone Road: On the banks of a small lagoon.

Kankitti กานต์กิตติ: 7/1 Moo 2, U-Thong Road. 600 seats, riverside terrace. "Delicious regional cuisine" according to Bangkok Post.

Malakor มะละกอ: Corner of Chee Kun Road and Pamaphrao Road. Twostorey teak house with verandas and splendid view of Wat Ratchaburana and authentic thai dishes. "Delicious and reasonably priced" according to See pictures. Attached is a Thai traditional massage salon. See picture.

Moradok-Thai มรดกไทย: Rotchana Road. Good wine.

Phae Krung Kao แพกรุงเก่า ร้านอาหาร: U-Thong Road. Swimming restaurant on Pa Sak River, near Pridi Damrong Bridge. "If the authentic flavour of Ayutthaya food is your focus, then this riverside joint, which has been in business since 1966, is absolutely worth visiting", comments Bangkok Post. See picture by AstroKAney

Po Thai Restaurant: ChiKun Road. Specialises in Vietnamese food and does Thai standards as well, "neither of which are outstanding but the view of the ruins is good", comments

Sai-Thong River ไทรทอง ริเวอร์: 45 Moo 1 U-Thong Road. With large terrace.

Hua Raw Nightmarket: Also Hua Ror Nightmarket.

Bang Len Road Nightmarket: Near Wat Mahathat. From here you can start for a night tour to the floodlit temples.

Chao Phrom Market: Day market with a lot of foodstalls, many also with English menus.

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