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Floods in Ayutthaya

Picture by Felix Wang

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Ayutthaya's 'forgotten' temples: Lesser-known historic sites in the ancient capital were severely damaged by the floods and now that reconstruction has begun they may be forever abandoned in favour of more prominent spots. Ken May has lived in Ayutthaya for seven years. He has published several tourism-related books and nearly 50 articles about education. He is currently researching Muslim and Chinese historic sites in Ayutthaya. He also has created Now he writes about the situation after the flood and shows pictures: Read.


12.00 am Ayutthaya's historical sites have withstood centuries of flooding, but the latest deluge may have delivered a fatal blow to some of the ancient capital's World Heritage-protected sites. Fine Arts Department civil engineer Therdsak Yenjura says the structures have brick bases resting on soil without proper foundations. When the soil is soaked, the walls of the structures subside and lean in on each other. Uneven weight distribution of the structures increases pressure points. Subsidence and weakening of the structures can be eased if the floodwater surrounding a historical structure is let out slowly, but this year over-eager local officials pumped the water out too quickly. Archaeologists need to conduct further inspections to determine how many of about 130 flooded ancient sites in Ayutthaya have been seriously affected. As a precautionary measure, authorities have decided not to quickly drain two-metre-deep floodwater surrounding Wat Chaiwattanaram, a major tourist attraction, for fear it could cause further damage. (Bangkok Post)


6.11 pm Angry Residents block new flood barrier: Hundreds of unhappy residents of a flood-hit community prevented irrigation officials from blocking the natural flow of water in a major canal in Ayutthaya on Monday, saying they had already suffered enough to save Bangkok from flooding. This happened at a bridge across Khlong Khaomao at kilometre marker 14 on the Asia Highway in Uthai district. Workers instructed by irrigation officials were driving sheet piling into the canal beneath the bridge there to block the natural flow of the waterway in a bid to save downstream areas from flooding. Later t was agreed sheet piling would not be installed in the canal at this time. However, work could resume if the water level in the canal recedes by 20 centimetres. (Bangkok Post)

Who catches a crocodile, gehts 1000 Bath: Crocodiles are lurking in the floodwaters of Ayutthaya. Around 100 of them have escaped from farms. Authorities have issued a 1,000 baht ($33) bounty for each crocodile caught alive, said Public Health Minister Vitthaya Buranasiri. (AFP)


Video of Ayutthaya Flooding by rogerarnold7


CNN-video from Ayutthaya

Shocking: Burglars strip flood homes: Thieves paddle along flooded residential areas and call out to see if anyone is inside their homes. No reply means a green light for them to break into a home and take everything they can lay their hands on. (Bangkok Post)

Bang Pa-in latest casualty of flood: On Wednesday morning, Bang Pain district was completely submerged. (The Nation)

Video: Airborne Flood Relief: Flood affected residents of Ayutthaya received supplies of water and food on Tuesday distributed by the Royal Thai Police via helicopter. (Bangkok Post)

900 manufacturers hit by floods At least 900 factories have been inundated by the floods, affecting more than 200,000 workers, Industry Minister Wannarat Channukul said on Wednesday. Manufacturers in Bang Wa (Hi-Tech) and Bang Pa-In industrial estates have now also halted operations to minimise damage in the event that flood water inundates the industrial zones. (Bangkok Post)


Video of flood evacuation in Ayutthaya

Princess visits flood-hit Ayutthaya (The Nation)

Uncertain future for Ayutthaya refugees

Flood-hit firms in Ayutthaya halt production. Most of them are in the electronics components, electrical and logistics-warehouse sectors. (The Nation)

There's no place like home: evacuees: More than 1,000 flood victims have taken shelter at Thammasat University's Rangsit Campus. (The Nation)


Video of flooding of Ayutthaya

Thai Army fights to protect historical sites in Ayutthaya and Bang Pa-In.

"Ayutthaya only reachable by boat" (The Nation). Also military trucks couldn't pass anymore.

"Ayutthaya left in chaos" (Bangkok Post). The rising water also forced the evacuation of the provincial hospital. Some 300 of the hospital's 600 patients were moved to the town hall while those in need of intensive care were flown by helicopter to hospitals in Bangkok.

Flood seen from Rojana Plaza, part of the Rojana Industrial Park, the province's key industrial zone, unter water.
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Attempts to protect the inner districts of Ayutthaya and key industrial factories have failed. Read more

See Morning Focus video by Bangkok Post.

Floods hitting Nonthaburi and Ayutthaya:
Video on youtube

The city island is surrounded by three rivers and is home to the Ayutthaya Historical Park and the main business district. Residents have already been advised to leave the island and make their way to an evacuation site. A flood embankment collapsed under the weight of the water. With this the flood reached an industrial estate. Honda was the first inundated plant. The Asian Highway remained closed in parts around the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Motorists were advised to detour via Taling Chan – Suphan Buri or Phahon Yothin road. Read more

Situation seen from Rojana Plaza
Video on

Water around Wat Chai Wattanaram
Video on youtube

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